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Do You Desire Truth In Your Inner Parts  David asked, “Do you desire truth in you inner parts? If you do, do you even know where and what  your inner parts are?

According to David, you’ll not find your inner parts through any man. No,  David  said, man can  not find the truth that  consists of wisdom and understanding   in the land of the living...If we are to desire truth in our inner parts, where are your inner parts, if they in not in the land of the living?  If not were we are living,  then where? David told us it would be through God, that we would find the place.

What are our, inner parts?

dedective28 So as usual, with the help of the dictionary, lets see what David could have meant.First we need to understand some meanings of words.

Did David know that desire means, within reach?   And that  truth  is something that you are  able to verify and prove. And that  inner means,  pertaining to  consciousness . And did David also know  the word, parts, means,  essential.

David must have thought  that it was possible to  prove that there is a God?  Not simply  believe, but to be able to  prove, God was something real.

 Did David want you to know that you could only find a real, provable God, within your own mind?  Within the inner parts of you own Consciousness is the place for you to find the TRUTH about God? Is that what David was saying? God is  within you.

Is your God  within reach?  Can you prove  your God is real? Do you believe the truth of God is  found ‘within your inner parts? Or do you believe your religion has God? Or that you can find God in the mind of your preachers? Or in books? Or tapes?

The God you know is the God you have been taught to know.     Minister_shoutsTaught  from handed down beliefs. Beliefs you can not prove.

The the real God can only be found in your inner parts. You can not find a God within your reach, or find a God that you are able to  prove  is real, if you go anywhere, except within your own inner parts. No matter how spiritual they are.

David had wisdom and understanding that he had found within his own inner parts. The Real God?     Real, which means,  not merely supposed but is a  provable  God.

Really what good is a God if the God is not  within your own reach?  And what good is some God that you can’t  prove  is even real?

If real  means,  aware then David must have meant, are you ready to become aware  of God? Aware, which is  thinking. And the only place you can think is within your inner parts? Within your own mind.

Your journey is for you to go ‘within’ your own inner parts, your own Consciousness and find a God that you can  prove is real and within your reach... not just some god  you have been told is real.

Do you desire truth in your inner parts? If so, are you ready to drop the god of your fathers, that unknown god to whom you have ignorantly worshiped. Ignorantly because ignorant means, not aware . Can you release all that you have been taught about who and what God is and go within your own inner parts and find the TRUTH? Can you?

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I was born with an Inquiring Mind and I love all things weird. Weird like UFO'S-Mysticism-Ancient Beings-Really ODD stuff found in the Bible. I do not believe in the reality that has been handed down to me. I believe there is only one Reality....Consciousness. I was also born with a great spiritual desire ...which does NOT include any religion or their beliefs.

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