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Gods and Flying Machines

A really good question is….Who was the God who flew around the skies in ‘flying machines.‘ Can you imagine. God in a space craft.

 You can find references about flying machines in Temple Carvings, in the Ancient Writings, Ground Cravings, Ancient Tombs, all over the earth. The flying machines, we have been told were used by the Gods.

Many descriptions of flying machines described as, two storied celestial chariot  with many windows”…. “They roar like off into the sky…” Many of the ancient texts talk of a God and his battles in the sky using deadly weapons.

The images found on the ceiling beams of a 3000-year old  New Kingdom Temple, near Cairo, easily show what could be flying crafts. There are many ancient artifacts discovered, all bearing testimony to an underlying knowledge of advanced aerodynamics.


I see at least 4 things that look just like what is being reported today. They look the same now as they did then. I find that weird.

India is another country with a lot of ancient flying machines. In many of the sacred Hindu books, you can find at least 200 hundred mentions concerning almost every aspect of flying. It appears the ancients knew a lot of what modern man now knows. Ancient ‘flying machines‘ in India were used by their God.

A      that easily could be a modern aircraft. These many artifacts are thought to be well over a thousand years old. One tiny gold object resembles a modern fighter plane.Is it possible that there were people from another planet that brought knowledge of flight?   Elsewhere on the continent at least six very similar artifacts were also discovered in Venezuela and Peru, and also in Costa Rica.

Well guess what, the Bible  tells  that YES, God did fly around in ‘flying machines.’ Yes, the Bible does say it.

In fact the Bible has many stories of a God who flies around the skies from one location to another… in a  ‘flying vehicle.’

Yeah it does   One example was when God landed on Mount Sinai Mount. “…. the LORD descended upon it in fire: and  there was thunder and lightning, and an exceeding loud sound and the earth shook and trembled……and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.’ In fact it said the ‘flying machine had ‘fire in its belly.’

shuttleB Sound familiar? In fact it sounds like one of our modern day space crafts. So  what were ‘flying machines‘ doing way back before Jesus? Better yet…what and who was the God, in them?

Like all else we have been taught was true, those truths have a way of turning out not to be true. Like a flat earth?

In fact wherever you go in the world there exist long standing traditions of pre-historic flight. It seems ancient flying was a reality and this was long before it was re-invented in our modern world by the Wright Bros.

There is today enough evidence to come to the conclusion that yes… thousands upon thousand of years ago a form of aviation for the Gods did exist.  Where did these Gods  in those ancient flying machines come from?

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I was born with an Inquiring Mind and I love all things weird. Weird like UFO'S-Mysticism-Ancient Beings-Really ODD stuff found in the Bible. I do not believe in the reality that has been handed down to me. I believe there is only one Reality....Consciousness. I was also born with a great spiritual desire ...which does NOT include any religion or their beliefs.

4 responses to “Gods and Flying Machines

  1. chicagoja

    I can’t envision God in a spacecraft, but I can envision ETs; ETs that were creators in their own right. As for where they came from…the universe is a big place and beyond the universe Creation is still at work.

  2. babarahs

    With all the STUFF that has been found about Aliens, I don’t understand how anyone could doubt.

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