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Angels are mentioned about 108 times in the Old Testament and 165 times in the New. How much do you know about ‘angels?


Did you ever take the time to            dedective28 to see if what you had been taught was factual? I know its so easy to hear or read and accept.
Did you know it is possible angles could have been ancient Astronauts  from other planets?  It could be, because the angels were with God in the skies above us. They along with God flew around in great Chariots, shooting down fire balls when God got angry over something. So yeah, they could have been ancient astronauts.

Were you ever taught that the word ‘angel’ used in the Old Testament is Malak? And that means,  ‘to dispatch as a deputy’ or a ‘messenger.’ The angels were Gods ‘deputies.‘ His ‘messengers.’

The angels are represented throughout the Bible as ‘intermediates between God and men.’ Between the ancient astronauts and the earthlings.

Most descriptions of angels in the Bible describe them in ‘military terms.’  An example is, ‘Joshua was near Jericho, saw a man standing before him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua went to him and said to him, ‘Are you one of us, or one of our adversaries?’ The angel replied, ‘Neither I am a commander of the army of the God.’

Joshua 5:15

It’s obvious that the angel looked very human to Joshua. Think now, if angels had wings, wouldn’t Joshua see them and know who he was? Do you see what this is saying?  The angel was a man who was a commander of the army of the God.

Don’t you think it’s sounds a lot like our armies of today? The have a person who works directly with the LEADER which would be one of the Gods in that fleet.Did you know Angels are described as looking like ‘male human beings.’ Think about that. Angles look like us.There is no where it mentions they had wings or halos. If they did have wings and halos, why was it never mentioned. So assume they did not. More than likely they were ancient Astronauts.

mikharkhangel Micheal was one of the seven. He was thought to be the leader and field commander of the Army of God. It was he who carried out Gods wishes to destroy people and cities. Which he did a lot.  Is that what a  loving kind of God does?

 Mestia Museum. Archangel Gabriel. 12th c..jpg  Archangel Gabriel acted as a communicator and mediator between Heaven and Earth. Again, the Commander. God, gave Gabriel orders and he would come down to earth and apply them. He does seem to be a lot like a mortal man, for Luke writes, ‘when Zacharias asked the angel (solider) who he was, the angel replied, my name is Gabriel.’  Didn’t he see Gabriel s wings?

375px-saint_raphael Raphael was called the Doctor of Medicine. It seems he had a great healing ability. Was he really only a doctor who worked for God’s army. An ‘army doctor?  And not someone who has wings and flies around everywhere?

  Uriel is generally known as the fourth Archangel. When Ezra asks God a series of questions, God sent Uriel to answer them. Uriels  job is that of rescuing people. He is the angel (soldier) who stands at the Gate of Eden with a fiery sword. He is thought to be one of the angels (soldiers) who helped bury Adam and Abel.
  Raguel is known as the archangel of justice, fairness and harmony. Raguel also shows Enoch The Seven Mountains and in the midst of the high mountain is the throne of God where the Lord of Glory will sit. If God does not have a body why would he need to sit? Raguel is the one who brings all the other archangels and angels to account for their wrong deeds. Deeds like  seeking out the women of earth.

When Enoch visited heaven as a mortal, it was Raguel who took him and who brought him back.  So that would mean you do not have to die….to go to Heaven to SEE and TALK with God. Doesn’t it?

That sounds like we all are capable of going to Heaven while still in our human form. What did Enoch do that granted him entrance? Why not go find out.

        Ramiel the Archangel               

Ramiel means “Thunder of God. He is the angel of hope. He is said to have been the archangel responsible for the destruction of the armies of Sennacherib, as well as being the bearer of the instructions of the seven archangels.

Suriel had many powers. It was his duty to oversee all of the other archangels and angels. Supposedly he was one of the leaders of the other angels who lusted after the daughters of men. Really…if angels were not just like man, why would they lust and marry earth women? No, the angels appear to be very much like men.

Why do you  really know of Gods angels? Were they good or bad? Or both?It was so hard for the writers of the Bible to know to describe all they saw and heard, because it was all foreign to them….as it would be to us if we were to have another species come from outer space.
The  Bible  tells of angels that had feet.  Had to eat food.  Had to sleep.   Marry. Have sex.  Fight wars.   Played instruments. Had to protect themselves and used some sort of laser type gun. Like in the case of Lot and his family. Don’t you think the Army of God sounds just like any army of today?

THINK about that. Yes they are called angels….but they are normal men, most likely from somewhere else than earth, with weapons and flying machines capable of firing out missiles. THINK. Don’t just accept what has been handed down from an ancient past.

Were all the angels just men, men that had been chosen, like our armies are today? Do not our armies have field commanders, doctors and horn players?

Read the book of Enoch and forget what you have been taught and see what you come up with as you  investigate.

Do you believe in Angels?    If so….WHY?


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