The Ten Commandants

Click to ViewMoses was leading thousands of people to the Promise Land and it was to be a 40 year journey. It can be assumed the people would have become more and more unruly as the years wore on. So you can also assume it would have been very difficult for Moses.

There were no laws, no rules and there must have been a lot of killings, adultery, stealing and lying and cheating and who knows what else.Imagine Moses watching as each day brings more and more mayhem. The people are becoming out of control so Moses had to come up with an idea and decide on what to do. How can he regain control of the mob?

Moses might have realized the only way to get things under control was to use the peoples fear of their god. So he came up with a plan. He would tell everyone God wanted to talk to Moses. So to make it look real Moses went out of sight and when he comes back he carries a clay tablet.

Moses tells the people God gave him these Ten Commandments and the people must obey them or God would punish them, and this frightened the people because the god they believed in DID punish people and even   kill  them if he was angry enough.

It could have happened this way and probably did,  for the first 5 commandments talk about God and what they needed to do for Him. This way the people are sure to believe it was God who wrote them. The last 5…well you decide WHY the last 5 were added.

5. ‘Honor thy father and thy mother‘. What a good commandment to control the younger ones, the wild teenagers.

6. ‘Thou shalt not kill’. This is a very important one for them to think God told them, for there must have been much killing among the thousands.  Now remember, this god, well he believed it was  okay to kill, for he did a lot of it. Every time he got mad.

7.’Thou shalt not commit adultery. ‘This is another good one as adultery was very likely going on.

8. ‘Thou shall not steal.’ This one would sure help the fighting and killings.

9.’Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.’ Another good way for Moses to keep things easier.

10. ‘Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s.’ Yet another way to help Moses while on the long journey.

So just maybe, the 10 Commandments were drawn up by Moses, in order to gain back control over the mass of peoples and maybe the Real God had no part in.   Isn’t that what you would do if you were leading thousands of people for 40 years?

But wait….the Bible says, Joseph knew it was a sin to commit adultery with Potiphar’s wife. He said, “How can I sin against God?” How did he know that… before the Ten Commandments were written?

Have you wondered why God gave Moses laws and commandants that he had already given to the people long before Moses appeared on earth and long before he wrote the Ten Commandments?

The point is all the commandants were already known to these people.

  No man ever believes that the bible means what it says: He is always convinced that it says what he means.’ George Bernard Shaw

It is said that from Mount Sinai God gave, amid thundering and lightning’s, ten commandments for the guidance of mankind; and yet among them is not found Thou shalt believe The Bible” Robert Green Ingerso


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Born Again

Jesus said,Marvel not that I said unto thee, ye must be born again.’ You must be ‘born again? Okay, but what does that mean, ‘born again? As usual Jesus was trying to tell the people something and they did not get it…and today most still do not ‘get it.’

We will    dedective28 investigate some different meanings for the word ‘born’ and see if we can better understand what Jesus may have been telling the people.

Starting with the word ‘born,’ we find ’born’ can mean, ‘to bear.’ The word ‘bear’ means ‘to carry in the mind.’ To ‘carry in the mind.‘ What do you ‘carry in your mind? Sin, sickness, disease, death, and any number of lacks? Good and bad? God and Devil? It also means, ‘to bring forth into being.’   

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What is Truth


‘You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.’

To a mind that does not question, words have basically one or two meanings, but for the seeker of Truth, he delves deeper into the words,  which then opens his mind.dedective29 So…lets delve deeper.

In order for someone to know the ‘truth‘, they would have to know what the word means. Not what they think it means, but what it or any word means.

And since there are many meanings for the same word,    why not find the meanings that work for you.  By using your dictionary you will be able to choose your own meanings and see if you are able to prove the ‘truth’ so, you could be set free.  

Not to many people will devote time to seeking answers due to the fact they just don’t think about it. And why waste your time when others have given you their chosen meanings. And you must admit, most of the Bible sayings do not always make sense.  I find the Bible passages make a lot of sense when I choose meanings  that do seem to make the passages clearer…To me.

If you want to know the ‘truth,’ you will need to know truth means, ‘what actually occurred’. This will now lead you to think, okay, what did ‘actually occur?’ Then you may want to know ‘where’ IT occurred and ‘when’ IT occurred. Wouldn’t you?

Next you would want to understand the word ’free,since that is what you want to know the truth for. Free is, ‘not subject to external restraint.’ Restraint is, ‘being physically constrained’. That would assume that understanding the ‘truth’ you will be freed from the physical external world. A place where you spend a lifetime struggling to stay alive, so only to die in a few short years.

It is believed that Jesus,  the man who said, ‘you shall know the truth and that truth will set you free’ proved it. He must have known that the word ‘truth’ also meant a fact that has been verified.’

Verified is to ‘prove something.’ Is that what Jesus did? Did he verify the truth of what he preached? It seems that in finding the ‘truth’ it does set YOU ‘free.’


So then, do you know the ‘truth? Minister_shouts  Or is the ‘truth’ you know, the ‘truth’ you have been taught?

Until YOU can verify the  ‘truth,’  personally, you have no ‘truth.’ The  truth you have  is a passed down truth and not ‘verified,’ by you.

  “I agree with you that it is important to examine our presuppositions, (expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence) thoroughly and once for all, in order to establish something solid. For I hold that it is only when we can prove all that we bring forward that we perfectly understand the thing under consideration. I know that the common herd takes little pleasure in these researches, but I know also that the common herd take little pains thoroughly to understand things.” (Leibniz, 1670)

   buddha photo: gold buddha BUDDHA.jpg  “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense”. Buddha


Is the ‘truth’ you know….setting you free?

What is Truth


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It is not exactly known where the concept of demons started. It could have been the Persian  and Assyrian empires as they are the most ancient civilizations that we are aware of today. We do know that it is through ancient mythologies,  that myths, exist and that we have those who today, believe in them.

dedective28 Lets find out what a ‘myth’ really is.

Myths are, ‘handed down beliefs and stories that pertain to some being or hero, and is based not on facts, especially those concerned with deities and demons.We are investigating the myths of Demons and how they came into existence at the beginning of mans existence. Each tribe had its leaders, and the leaders were looked to as the ones for answers and protection. So when terrible things would occur, and the leaders could do nothing to help the people they, had to come up with a reason why.

So to keep the people in line they created demons. These demons were then explained to the people as the cause for all the problems of the earth. In those ancient times of a flat earth, the leaders told the people that the natural events of the world were caused by demons.

For example, when there were floods, thunder, lightning, any event of nature, and the leaders could do nothing, they blamed them on a demon they had named Alrinach. They even told the people that it was Alrinach who caused all the ship wreaks. Do you think it’s a demon causing floods, thunder, lightning, earthquakes and ship wrecks?

 Another example of the ancient leaders concealing the truth of events was the invention of the demon, Anamalech. It was told to the people that Anamelech was the controller of the health and care of cattle.  So if something was wrong with the cattle, it never occurred to those ancients that it was not due to some demon called Anamalech, but to some kind of illness that they could not understand, so the problems were blamed on the demon.

And anytime anyone had bad news told to them, it was because the demon Anamalech brought it, for he was also known as the demon of bad news. Think now, when animals get sick, or the weather goes wild or you get bad news, do you believe its caused by a ‘demon?


  The ‘demons’ in Hebrew mythology were believed to be the cause of diseases. It was believed that headaches, epilepsy, and nightmares were caused by a demon. Mental illnesses once believed to be caused by a demon, has now been found to have chemical, electrical, and emotional origins.

Why are ‘demons,’ those ancient un provable myths still feared? But remember, all demons are based on the mythologies and beliefs tracing back thousands of years, and not based on anything factual.

Think about this one…The original Greek word ‘daimon’ does not have the negative meaning and does not have any connotations of evil or malevolence. Rather the original meaning for ‘demon’ was ‘shining one.’  And a ‘thing of divine nature.’ 

And how about this original meaning, ‘happiness.’ Happiness. Very interesting how a word for ‘shining one,  thing of divine nature and  happiness, all end up being a word for anything that goes wrong in someone’s world. And someone named the wrong things… DEMONS.

“They are dead, they shall not live; they are deceased, they shall not rise: therefore hast thou visited and destroyed them, and made all their memory to perish.” Isaiah 26:14    Maybe Isaiah GOT IT.

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Do You Desire Truth In Your Inner Parts  David asked, “Do you desire truth in you inner parts? If you do, do you even know where and what  your inner parts are?

According to David, you’ll not find your inner parts through any man. No,  David  said, man can  not find the truth that  consists of wisdom and understanding   in the land of the living...If we are to desire truth in our inner parts, where are your inner parts, if they in not in the land of the living?  If not were we are living,  then where? David told us it would be through God, that we would find the place.

What are our, inner parts?

dedective28 So as usual, with the help of the dictionary, lets see what David could have meant.First we need to understand some meanings of words.

Did David know that desire means, within reach?   And that  truth  is something that you are  able to verify and prove. And that  inner means,  pertaining to  consciousness . And did David also know  the word, parts, means,  essential.

David must have thought  that it was possible to  prove that there is a God?  Not simply  believe, but to be able to  prove, God was something real.

 Did David want you to know that you could only find a real, provable God, within your own mind?  Within the inner parts of you own Consciousness is the place for you to find the TRUTH about God? Is that what David was saying? God is  within you.

Is your God  within reach?  Can you prove  your God is real? Do you believe the truth of God is  found ‘within your inner parts? Or do you believe your religion has God? Or that you can find God in the mind of your preachers? Or in books? Or tapes?

The God you know is the God you have been taught to know.     Minister_shoutsTaught  from handed down beliefs. Beliefs you can not prove.

The the real God can only be found in your inner parts. You can not find a God within your reach, or find a God that you are able to  prove  is real, if you go anywhere, except within your own inner parts. No matter how spiritual they are.

David had wisdom and understanding that he had found within his own inner parts. The Real God?     Real, which means,  not merely supposed but is a  provable  God.

Really what good is a God if the God is not  within your own reach?  And what good is some God that you can’t  prove  is even real?

If real  means,  aware then David must have meant, are you ready to become aware  of God? Aware, which is  thinking. And the only place you can think is within your inner parts? Within your own mind.

Your journey is for you to go ‘within’ your own inner parts, your own Consciousness and find a God that you can  prove is real and within your reach... not just some god  you have been told is real.

Do you desire truth in your inner parts? If so, are you ready to drop the god of your fathers, that unknown god to whom you have ignorantly worshiped. Ignorantly because ignorant means, not aware . Can you release all that you have been taught about who and what God is and go within your own inner parts and find the TRUTH? Can you?

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The Bible and Numbers

Numbers is a book of the Bible. It is full of WEIRD stuff.

‘And the LORD came down in the pillar of the cloud, and stood in the door of the tabernacle, and called Aaron and Miriam: and they both came forth.’  Numbers 12.5

A pillar is, ‘an upright structure.’ And a meaning for cloud is, ‘smoke.’   shuttleBSo why couldn’t the pillar have been a space ship of some kind?

Numbers 12:1   We are told God  became angry on hearing Miriam and Aaron speak  against Moses in the tabernacle.   So God  comes down in the pillar. The upright structure he was in. And God must have left his pillar … ‘And the LORD…stood in the door of the tabernacle, and called Aaron and Miriam: and they both came forth.’  God can not only walks, he must have if he got the the door way of the church, or whatever.   

Next we are told that God gets angry with them and he leaves. God gets back into his pillar and departs. So God walks.   God talks. God gets angry. God  has some sort of craft that lands and takes off.  Take a minute and think about that one. It could not mean anything except the ancient Bible God was a man. Most likely some kind of commander of the space craft.

 Next we find that the  all loving God is angry  again.

Numbers 16.35:20   Tells us that God again gets mad at his people and tells  Moses and Aaron, to ‘Separate yourselves from among this congregation, that I may consume them in a moment.’

There came out a  fire from the LORD, and consumed the two hundred and fifty men.’  

Again clearly, at least to me,  you will find that a fire was sent from the ‘thing’  that  contained God, and it consumed two hundred and fifty people. Another verse tells that God killed 14,700 people at the same time.  What do you think it was that destroy  14,700 people at the same time.  How else can you explain it? It had to be the flying PILLAR.

Numbers 20.7 God gave Moses a ‘rod.’  Moses lifted up his hand and with his ‘rod’ he smote (shot) the rock twice and the water came out. What could Moses have used thousands of years ago that could  penetrate solid rock? Today they might be  called ‘lasers.’

Again in Numbers 22..23     You find angels who sound more like warriors than what you normally think of as angles. “…the angel of the Lord stood in the way and his sword drawn in his hand.” Why would Gods angels need weapons?

All through numbers you have a God who wants the people to bring him things. You have a God who kills everyone that displeases him….just like any ruler. This God seems to be so much like a man. Like some  important ruler. Some important man, who has an army called Angels to fight for him.

Well…I for one believe the Bible god is not the Real God.   And I also firmly believe that the early Bible god was a Commander  of some sort of ancient flying armies and his soldiers were the angels.

It’s the way to make any sense out it. For me.

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God Is


All man can ever find in the  land of the living is a god, resembling man.  A god man has learned about from his   Wooden_church   Not from God.

Not a real God. Not the God that tells you, ‘All that I am, you are.’ What good will being all God is, if you don’t know what He is? What good is the God that tells you, “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” if you don’t know when God is with you, or how He is with you?

The real God says, “It is my good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” That sounds good, but again, what good is it to you if you have no real idea of what or where this kingdom is? The real God tells you, ‘I am, with you always.’ Yes that’s good, until you need him and you can’t find him.

Man has no idea who, what or where God is so he just continues worshiping the ‘unknown god‘. He just simply has no idea of his own, so he goes along with the god of the fathers. A god, very much like man. The truth is this manlike god… is not God.


The truth the ancient writers was telling you… before all the  personal translations     is that you are not who and what you think you are. The truth they tell you is that the original man of Gods creating has nothing to do with the man of the flesh.

All the ancient men of wisdom and understanding agree that Gods man, is not of the flesh and Paul says it straight out, “You are NOT of the flesh.” He says that you are of the spirit and a spirit is, a living animating force with intellectual power, not some hidden God.

Do you understand what the ancients were trying to say, when they told you “Put away the god of your fathers…. and “lean not to your own understanding,” and for you to search for God with all your heart? There is no God in the external world of daydreams with all its decoys and illusions. God cannot be found in this world of daydreams where some devil and all his lies play god. You may find many gods in the land of the living, but you will never find a real God in the world.

If, as we are told, do indeed live and move and have our being in Him, in the invisible, then we need to know who Him is. According to Psalms, “It is HE, who perfects all that concerns you.” We are told, “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

Think about that, greater is HE, He, that ‘something’ in you, than anything in this world.

Who is He, or Him? Well, just about all the writers of the ancient books believed He, was the Spirit, and a spirit is ‘a living, intelligent, animating force. Not a god.

The truth is the Spirit, that living, intelligent, animating force is God. The truth is, God is Consciousness.

If you replace the word God with the word Consciousness as you read your  Bible   you will find that things make much more sense.

Remember David when he cried out, “whither shall I flee from thy presence? If I ascend into heaven thou are there: if I make my bed in hell, thou art there.” What is it that went with David wherever he went? Why couldn’t he get away from it? Isn’t it the ever present Consciousness, that is always with you?

A Consciousness that man can never be free of, no matter where he goes? The truth that will set you free is, God is Consciousness. So let that living force flow. Let IT flow to perfect all that concerns you. Let only the truth of God remain.  Could that truth be…EVERYTHING is  God and God is Consciousness.  


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Gods and Flying Machines

A really good question is….Who was the God who flew around the skies in ‘flying machines.‘ Can you imagine. God in a space craft.

 You can find references about flying machines in Temple Carvings, in the Ancient Writings, Ground Cravings, Ancient Tombs, all over the earth. The flying machines, we have been told were used by the Gods.

Many descriptions of flying machines described as, two storied celestial chariot  with many windows”…. “They roar like off into the sky…” Many of the ancient texts talk of a God and his battles in the sky using deadly weapons.

The images found on the ceiling beams of a 3000-year old  New Kingdom Temple, near Cairo, easily show what could be flying crafts. There are many ancient artifacts discovered, all bearing testimony to an underlying knowledge of advanced aerodynamics.


I see at least 4 things that look just like what is being reported today. They look the same now as they did then. I find that weird.

India is another country with a lot of ancient flying machines. In many of the sacred Hindu books, you can find at least 200 hundred mentions concerning almost every aspect of flying. It appears the ancients knew a lot of what modern man now knows. Ancient ‘flying machines‘ in India were used by their God.

A      that easily could be a modern aircraft. These many artifacts are thought to be well over a thousand years old. One tiny gold object resembles a modern fighter plane.Is it possible that there were people from another planet that brought knowledge of flight?   Elsewhere on the continent at least six very similar artifacts were also discovered in Venezuela and Peru, and also in Costa Rica.

Well guess what, the Bible  tells  that YES, God did fly around in ‘flying machines.’ Yes, the Bible does say it.

In fact the Bible has many stories of a God who flies around the skies from one location to another… in a  ‘flying vehicle.’

Yeah it does   One example was when God landed on Mount Sinai Mount. “…. the LORD descended upon it in fire: and  there was thunder and lightning, and an exceeding loud sound and the earth shook and trembled……and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.’ In fact it said the ‘flying machine had ‘fire in its belly.’

shuttleB Sound familiar? In fact it sounds like one of our modern day space crafts. So  what were ‘flying machines‘ doing way back before Jesus? Better yet…what and who was the God, in them?

Like all else we have been taught was true, those truths have a way of turning out not to be true. Like a flat earth?

In fact wherever you go in the world there exist long standing traditions of pre-historic flight. It seems ancient flying was a reality and this was long before it was re-invented in our modern world by the Wright Bros.

There is today enough evidence to come to the conclusion that yes… thousands upon thousand of years ago a form of aviation for the Gods did exist.  Where did these Gods  in those ancient flying machines come from?

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Angels are mentioned about 108 times in the Old Testament and 165 times in the New. How much do you know about ‘angels?


Did you ever take the time to            dedective28 to see if what you had been taught was factual? I know its so easy to hear or read and accept.
Did you know it is possible angles could have been ancient Astronauts  from other planets?  It could be, because the angels were with God in the skies above us. They along with God flew around in great Chariots, shooting down fire balls when God got angry over something. So yeah, they could have been ancient astronauts.

Were you ever taught that the word ‘angel’ used in the Old Testament is Malak? And that means,  ‘to dispatch as a deputy’ or a ‘messenger.’ The angels were Gods ‘deputies.‘ His ‘messengers.’

The angels are represented throughout the Bible as ‘intermediates between God and men.’ Between the ancient astronauts and the earthlings.

Most descriptions of angels in the Bible describe them in ‘military terms.’  An example is, ‘Joshua was near Jericho, saw a man standing before him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua went to him and said to him, ‘Are you one of us, or one of our adversaries?’ The angel replied, ‘Neither I am a commander of the army of the God.’

Joshua 5:15

It’s obvious that the angel looked very human to Joshua. Think now, if angels had wings, wouldn’t Joshua see them and know who he was? Do you see what this is saying?  The angel was a man who was a commander of the army of the God.

Don’t you think it’s sounds a lot like our armies of today? The have a person who works directly with the LEADER which would be one of the Gods in that fleet.Did you know Angels are described as looking like ‘male human beings.’ Think about that. Angles look like us.There is no where it mentions they had wings or halos. If they did have wings and halos, why was it never mentioned. So assume they did not. More than likely they were ancient Astronauts.

mikharkhangel Micheal was one of the seven. He was thought to be the leader and field commander of the Army of God. It was he who carried out Gods wishes to destroy people and cities. Which he did a lot.  Is that what a  loving kind of God does?

 Mestia Museum. Archangel Gabriel. 12th c..jpg  Archangel Gabriel acted as a communicator and mediator between Heaven and Earth. Again, the Commander. God, gave Gabriel orders and he would come down to earth and apply them. He does seem to be a lot like a mortal man, for Luke writes, ‘when Zacharias asked the angel (solider) who he was, the angel replied, my name is Gabriel.’  Didn’t he see Gabriel s wings?

375px-saint_raphael Raphael was called the Doctor of Medicine. It seems he had a great healing ability. Was he really only a doctor who worked for God’s army. An ‘army doctor?  And not someone who has wings and flies around everywhere?

  Uriel is generally known as the fourth Archangel. When Ezra asks God a series of questions, God sent Uriel to answer them. Uriels  job is that of rescuing people. He is the angel (soldier) who stands at the Gate of Eden with a fiery sword. He is thought to be one of the angels (soldiers) who helped bury Adam and Abel.
  Raguel is known as the archangel of justice, fairness and harmony. Raguel also shows Enoch The Seven Mountains and in the midst of the high mountain is the throne of God where the Lord of Glory will sit. If God does not have a body why would he need to sit? Raguel is the one who brings all the other archangels and angels to account for their wrong deeds. Deeds like  seeking out the women of earth.

When Enoch visited heaven as a mortal, it was Raguel who took him and who brought him back.  So that would mean you do not have to die….to go to Heaven to SEE and TALK with God. Doesn’t it?

That sounds like we all are capable of going to Heaven while still in our human form. What did Enoch do that granted him entrance? Why not go find out.

        Ramiel the Archangel               

Ramiel means “Thunder of God. He is the angel of hope. He is said to have been the archangel responsible for the destruction of the armies of Sennacherib, as well as being the bearer of the instructions of the seven archangels.

Suriel had many powers. It was his duty to oversee all of the other archangels and angels. Supposedly he was one of the leaders of the other angels who lusted after the daughters of men. Really…if angels were not just like man, why would they lust and marry earth women? No, the angels appear to be very much like men.

Why do you  really know of Gods angels? Were they good or bad? Or both?It was so hard for the writers of the Bible to know to describe all they saw and heard, because it was all foreign to them….as it would be to us if we were to have another species come from outer space.
The  Bible  tells of angels that had feet.  Had to eat food.  Had to sleep.   Marry. Have sex.  Fight wars.   Played instruments. Had to protect themselves and used some sort of laser type gun. Like in the case of Lot and his family. Don’t you think the Army of God sounds just like any army of today?

THINK about that. Yes they are called angels….but they are normal men, most likely from somewhere else than earth, with weapons and flying machines capable of firing out missiles. THINK. Don’t just accept what has been handed down from an ancient past.

Were all the angels just men, men that had been chosen, like our armies are today? Do not our armies have field commanders, doctors and horn players?

Read the book of Enoch and forget what you have been taught and see what you come up with as you  investigate.

Do you believe in Angels?    If so….WHY?


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The Real God

Since we know the god with a small g that created from dus not the real God, we will look at the God with the capital ‘G.’ This God asked, “Is there a god besides me? Yea, there is no god. I know not any.” This God tells you, “I am the first, and I am the last; and besides me there if no God.”

It is this God that told you, “All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made.” This God tells us, “You will have no other gods before me,” because,’ there is no god besides me.’

You need to know what the word ‘God’ means. You also need to know to which God you worship. Perhaps you think you already know God, but which God do you know? The god who created from the dust? The god who will punish you if you are bad, and rewards if you are good?

Or is your God the God that “saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good and he was very pleased, so he rested?” Rested to enjoy His Gods-Creation

This God with the capital ’G’ is called Father. Father means ‘creator,’ Father means,acceptance for the responsibility of.’

God as the Father, the creator of all people will accept the responsibility of His creation. This God is referred to as HE, because He means ‘used to represent any person.‘  Think about that, God as  Father,  is for everyone.

Another definition for this God is ‘the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient and originator and ruler of the universe.’ In this definition of the word God, there is no male like god. No man like god. God is described as ‘omniscience.’ Omniscience means ‘knowing everything.

The real God has total knowledge and is aware of everything that goes on at all times. If God has all the intelligence there is, then it stands to reason there cannot be any other intelligence in existence knowing something that God does not know.

If God is knowing everything, then you would never have to ask for anything. Why would you have to inform this all knowing God that you had a need? You never have to say, ‘please God, help me or mine.’ You never have to tell God about financial problems, or health problems or even relationship problems. You never have to tell God a single thing, ever, because this God knows everything there is to know.

The real God is omnipresence, ‘being present everywhere at once.’

Present means ‘readily available. Is your god being present and readily available?

Do you know how to make God available? Easy, you must be, being conscious of Him; and you will then realize, this is how God becomes present and available. God is always available, if you are thinking about Him, just like everything needs you being conscious of it, in order for it to exist.

God is defined as a ‘being.’ A being means ‘absolute existence in its perfect state.’ Absolute means ‘complete and ‘not mixed.’ God is not mixed with good and bad. Therefore if God is…He is either all Good and Perfect, or He is all bad, and not perfect. Both God cannot be, and still be unmixed.

God is also defined as a ‘vital force.’   

Vital means, ‘life sustaining.God is an invisible life sustaining and vital force ruling the universe. This God is being present everywhere at once. This God is knowing everything at once. This God is being all there is.

Is this the God you have been bowing down to? Or have you been bowing and praying to the god of your fathers? The god who allows terrible things to happen to his creation? The god who is to be feared? The god you feel you must beg to help you? The small ‘g‘ god?


                 NO…No because your are told

I guess no one was or is listening, because most of the world is still worshiping the god of their fathers. The god with a small ‘g.’

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