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The word Lucifer is taken from the Latin Vulgate, meaning “the morning star, the planet Venus.’  In Greek Lucifer means,  ‘bringer of dawn.’  

Only in Isaiah 14:4-22, is Lucifer mentioned and it is referring to the king of Babylon after his defeat by the Persians. It seems those who translated words, misunderstood and thought Lucifer was really Satan. They were not. Many scholars believe  Lucifer was  the king of Babylon.

We are told this about Lucifer,  “Thou [wast] perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.” (Ezekiel 28:15.    So if Satan was called ‘a murderer from the beginning’ then means Satan and Lucifer were two different Angels or Soldiers…if Lucifer was created prefect.

The name Lucifer does not come from the Hebrew or even from the Greek translation but from the fourth century AD Latin translation of the verse.

It was in 382 Pope Damascus had      St. Jerome, a scholar do a  revision of the Latin versions of the Bible texts. His translation. It is believed to be based on the Hebrew text and it is his interpretation that you read. Not yours, his.

The first people who translated the Bible into English assumed the name Lucifer applied to Satan.  When  translating Isaiah 14:12 into English, they decided they would “translate” the word “Heylel, the original  Latin name “Lucifer.“To them it just made more sense. TO THEM.

And it is believed the scholars that were found to translate the King James  Bible into current English did not use the original Hebrew texts. They instead   used versions translated  by St. Jerome  way back in the fourth century. So Lucifer was most likely composed of a lot of what a scholar held as a truth
graphics-detective-504217   Investing a little we find Lucifer is a Latin word meaning “light-bearer.’  Light means, ‘considered to be a n authority or leader, someone who descends,’  as from a vehicle ( in the sky). A Bearer, is the holder of rank or office and a person who shows great ability. In this case, it could mean Lucifer is indeed a angel, (solider) of Gods army in the sky.

Ancient Ezekiel tells us that the Angel or Solider,  Lucifer was very handsome and wore jewelry made from gold. Sounds like a wealthy man to me.   Lucifer is  considered to have been a prominent archangel in heaven and decided he would overthrow God, his commander in chief and lead a revolution against God, in The War of Heaven. When the rebellion failed, Lucifer was cast out of heaven, along with all his followers. . Again sounds like a lot of modern men who want to overthrow their governments.

The name Lucifer does not appear in the original text of Isaiah, the only place the name Lucifer is ever mentioned in the Bible. Don’t you think that’s odd? Why would the name Lucifer appear only one time in the ancient writings? Why, if he was to become such an important character in the world?  Maybe Lucifer was NOT a Fallen Angel.

Remember, you only know what you have been taught and then accepted as fact. Do you think the Devil, Satan and Lucifer are one and the same? If so, based on what FACTS?

The Devil,   Satan and Lucifer were THREE different beings and

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