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File:GustaveDoreParadiseLostSatanProfile.jpgThe original Hebrew  word Satan means  to, ‘ accuse and oppose.’ 

According to Job, Satan was an angel, a man, a soldier of God and was a member of the divine council of Gods inner circle of angels (soldiers). Satan was probably God’s prosecuting attorney,  and his job was to accuse , oppose and show  evidence against the defendant. In most cases when Satan is mentioned, it leads you believe his job was to act like what we now call a Prosecuting Attorney, or District Attorney

Could be, because in Judaism, Satan is a term used since its earliest biblical contexts, to refer to a human opponent. If you will read everything about Gods Angels you will clearly see that they were MEN. MEN.

3b  tells you in Job 1:6-7  that God talks with Satan.  It seems strange that God could talk to Satan and Satan was able to talk to God just like any soldier talking to his Commander.

1Chronicles 21:1  God wanted Satan  to have  David make a census of the people. Doesn’t that sound like Satan had a job and was just a MAN or a Soldier  doing his job, as directed by his boss…God. The Commander?

John has a lot to say about how Satan  was a deceiver.   Deceive also means to be unfaithful. Satan must have been unfaithful to his Commander, God, so God had his Angels or his  Soldiers  fight against Satan and his followers of angels (soldiers)  Satan lost and  was thrown down to earth. He was cast out.  And all his angels/soldiers who followed him. (Rev. 12: 9)

As for Satan being cast out, what does it mean? Must be time to use the     to see what  cast out means.  Well, it means sent. So Satan was sent out of heaven.

Luke 10:18 said, “ I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” Using original  meanings for works you get a different picture. The word lightning also means, speed of movement.

The word fall also means, to descend. So then Satan didn’t necessarily fall like lightning from heaven, he descended like a rocket taking off. Was Satan in  his flying machine.which would move like lightning?

Luke 13:16, tells us  that Satan had bound a woman for eighteen long years. Bound is to ‘confine.’  Satan, like other Angels/Soldiers found a woman of the earth  that he liked and he kept or confined her as his own. It seems likely since we know Angels (soldiers) liked the women of earth.

Genesis,  ‘the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took them as wife’s.’“  Weird since the angels are not suppose to be human. But a human man is what they all sound like when you read about them with the idea of men. Nope, the ancient Angels are  just like any MAN.  They fight wars, they eat and sleep and have sex. Again how can anyone not get this.

At one point Satan was doing his best to tempt Jesus to join him but Jesus turned his back on the man, the man or   Soldier, known as Satan. Jesus said, Get thee hence, Satan:’  It was like two men talking and one Jesus turned his back on the man or soldier that he called by name.

  Read the Bible and     investigate words back their original meanings and you will get a whole new take on things. It is quite interesting what you find when you do your own research into who and what was Satan.

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