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Job by King James VersionLong ago Job told us “We are but of yesterday, and know nothing,” He said we know nothing, “because our days upon the earth are like a shadow.

I didn’t understand what Job meant, so I decided to see if I could understand.  So,  I first needed to know more about ‘shadows,‘ since that is how I am living my days, at least according to old Job. Lets see if he was right.

Using my dictionary 521968089_4ce516a969_m I found different meanings for ‘shadow.’ 

A shadow is an ‘image’ and an ‘image’ is amental representation.’  Not something real.  Looking deeper I found that ‘shadows’ are simply ‘suggestions.’   And a ‘suggestion’ is just that. Just something to consider to  agree or disagree with.

I found out what causes   shadows. A shadow  is something ‘existing in perception only.’ What?   You, Me , everything does not exist… except only in our perception?  Wow.

Looking up  the word ‘perception,‘ I found it meant, ‘ what is perceived.’  

  Perceive is to ‘become conscious of’ ‘ and conscious means, ‘thinking/thoughts. ‘

Does that mean Job believed mans reality was his ‘thinking.’ It must have been. What else could he have meant?

It seems the world as a whole is completely ignorant of what reality is. I say this because all mankind knows about reality, is what is  told to  him by those who’ know nothing, because they are of yesterday,’ and have yet to discover what reality really is.

Today your reality consists of the ‘thoughts’ you are holding as truths in your ‘thinking.’ Truths that you have been told. So called truths that have been handed down from ‘yesterday,’  from the ones that first told you the earth was flat.

These people who have so called credentials are the ones who told you man could not fly in the sky. Now he walk s on the moon.  Since these so called experts were wrong about the earth, flying…well just think of all the things they have been wrong about since the beginning of time and then think, could it be possible they ‘know nothing,’ just like Job said thousands of years agoAnd are they  again wrong with what they tell you of your reality?  Most likely they are because today science is proving that there is more to reality than we now know.

To experience your own reality, not the handed down reality, but YOUR own, you need to know what the word ‘reality‘ means.   Not what you have been told it means by those who think they know… Because they ‘know nothing because they are of yesterdays’ thinking.’

Lets see what the word ‘reality’ means. I found reality is what is ‘real.‘  And ‘real’ is what is ‘constant and unchanging.’ But wait, isn’t reality always changing .  So if your human reality is changing, then  how can  it be real?Well since it is forever ‘changing,’  that should tell you, it is not, REALITY….but  like ancient Job said, only ‘shadows‘ of reality.

When Job said,We are but of yesterday, and know nothing,’ did he know what reality is? If he was using the meanings I used, then YES, Job knew that what man accepted as reality, was not, is not reality. All we know is from ‘yesterdays’ beliefs? Beliefs that will change.

As then, ‘yesterday,’  up to this present, as man changes their ‘thoughts’  based on new facts…Reality will continue to change.

Since what you ‘perceive’  is what youbecome conscious of’  and  since ‘conscious‘ means, ‘thinking/thoughts, your reality is just you viewing  your thinking. Viewing your very own thoughts.  It would seem that Job must have believed mans reality was his ‘thinking.‘ Do you?  I do.

I think Job understood reality was only ‘perceptual?’  Perception is  ‘what is perceived’.   Think, is this what Job was saying….and the translators of his writings….didn’t get it?  I think so.

Would you like to create your own reality?

The video is good for those who are open to new ways to think of their reality. Not good for those who are content with their  programmed reality.

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