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Before Jesus

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It is the religions who control the Bible that has told us, programmed us into believing all they tell us. Example the Bible tells you about a man called  Jesus, and that Christianity is based on his teaching, but  did you know there is much proof that thousands of years before Jesus, there were many other ancient, Jesus like men? I personally wonder why religions do not explain things like this.

Because there is much proof that thousands of years before Jesus, there were many other ancient, Jesus like men, and it would seem that  Jesus like men were a worldwide recurring event in a variety of cultures.


One story of a Jesus like man is from 3,500 years ago, long before Jesus was ever conceived.  In fact there is solid  evidence of this Jesus like man. And it is based on proof found on the walls of the Temple of Luxor

  Luxor Temple photo: IMG_5064.jpg   

Temple at Luxor,  and not on handed down stories. Seen on these ancient walls  are many images of the Annunciation, Immaculate Conception, Birth and of the Virgin, Isis.

They tell that the ‘Holy Ghost will be impregnating the virgin. It tells of the attendance of three Kings, or Magi, all bringing gifts. It tells that this virgin birth babe will be the one to bring salvation to the world and is born on December 25th.

Horus had 12 men that followed him.  At age of 30, he was baptized. We are told Horus raised a dead man, just like Jesus. Horus also walked on water. Last Horus was raised from the dead, just like Jesus. Did you know that about Horus?

Or did you know about Attis

   Also long before Jesus there was  Mithra, who also was born on December 25th, by a virgin mother. He like Jesus and Horus has 12 followers. How about this, he was also called the Good Shepherd, the “Way, the Truth and the Light,” the Redeemer,the Savior, the Messiah, just like Jesus.  He was resurrected after 3 days.  Very interesting, don’t you think?

Here are two well known Jesus like men.

Krishna photo: krishna krishna_0.jpg    Krishna

and Buddha

Both of them have the same Jesus like handed down stories.  And their teachings are almost the same as that of Jesus. Both were born on December 25th. Both had virgin mothers. Both were redeemer. Both had disciples. Both did miracles. Both were persecuted, killed and reborn. But….Krishna is believed to have been here around the  4th century BC. and Buddha about 2500 years ago.  Jesus had not yet been born. These are only a few of the Jesus like men that had similar life’s. Did you know that?

As for  all the ancient Jesus like men having  the December 25th birthday,  it seems to have come from the Sun God,  a common story worldwide, dating back at least 12,000 years, and is recorded in caves and ancient writings round the world, and found in the myths of other gods in world wide cultures.


So it seems there were many other Jesus like men who came long before Jesus, and all had the similar lives.  Many scholars are now believing that the story of Jesus was merely a copy of the gods before him. I guess in those days it was not yet know that there were other god like men thousands of years before Jesus,  all supposed  to being  born born of a virgin. On December 25th.

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