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Garden of Eden



In Gen.1 the  First Creation, there is no mention of someone named Adam or Eve or a Serpent. There is no talk of a  Garden called Eden. There is nothing known as a Tree of Knowledge with Forbidden Fruit.

With that said, we will go  to the Second Creation and see what we find.

So where did the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden come from?

Time to Detective job graphics  investigate.

We find that stories of a Garden of Eden started about 6000 – 7000 B.C.

As you read on, try to imagine that the Garden of Eden was a place for Virgins. And imagine there were men Priest, Guards, or such, to keep an eye on the Virgins. I know, but think of that as you read.

Understanding some  meanings for the word Garden might help.  Garden is, to deceive, to delude. Those word mean, make-believe.  Okay. That would mean the Garden of Eden is not something that was real. It was something make-believe. Interesting, especially when you find the Garden of Eden in the Second Creation. Not the FIRST, the Original Creation.

     The story of the Second Creation tells of a Garden.   There are things in this make believe Garden that deceives you and deludes you.  

Lets look at some different meanings for what makes up this Garden of Eden. In the confines of the Garden of Eden you have a Man, a Women, a Serpent a Tree of Knowledge and a God. There is no mention of LuciferSatan or  a Devil.

Who or what was that serpent in the Garden of Eden? Since the word serpent means a  malicious person,  that could mean that the serpent, the malicious person could have been, Lucifer, Satan or the Devil.   But probably not. If it was Lucifer, Satan or the Devil,   then his name would have been mentioned. Nowhere does it say that serpent was one of Lucifer’s names….except in the Garden of Eden.  And how weird for Lucifer to have so many names. So, since none of the names are mentioned, one could assume it was some othermalicious personYou know, a Priest or one of the Guards or something like that, to watch over Eden’s Virgins.

It is said the God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. What did he mean by the Tree of Knowledge”  What do those three words mean. Eat, Tree and Knowledge?

Lets look up their meanings. First is eat, and you will never guess what I found in MY investigating. Did you know eat  can mean,  to take pleasure in? Did you know the origin of ate, is  reckless impulse?

Did you know the word tree means ‘wood’ which means, ‘ wild excitement?  Yes, really. The word knowledge is,  feelings and  experiences known by a person.


Well if in fact the Garden of Eden was a home for  Virgins…none of the reckless impulses that cause one to take pleasure in them, nor the wild excitement  causing feelings and  experiences known by a person, would have been things for  Virgins to be around.Eve in this case.  No, none of it would be good for a Virgin.

It would make sense that the serpent,malicious person…a Priest, or Satan  was what temped Eve.   It makes more sense that a malicious person was what tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Not some talking snake.

Could the malicious person  have wanted her to eat, so she would have reckless impulses?  Could this malicious person  want to take pleasure in Eve.   Did he want Eve to be wild with excitement so she could have sexual experiences only known by a person?

The Bible tells how Eve listened to the serpent, Priest or Satan, who was likely a handsome malicious person,  and he  was tempting Eve to eat, …to take pleasure in the fruit he was offering her. Fruit is also defined as,  enjoyment.  He was offering her some enjoyment.

Well she did eat and  she became full of reckless impulses  and became wild with excitement.  The malicious person  most likely wanted Eve to experience the feelings that are known by a person during sexual intercourse. It is believed that Eve’s first son Cain was fathered by the  malicious person in the Garden and not Adam.

After Eve had sex with the malicious person, the Priest in the Garden, she now wanted Adam to have the experience,  so she gave the ‘fruit’,  the enjoyment and he ate…took pleasure in it.   Adam became sexual with Eve.

The Bible  tells you that whoever that God was,  he was not pleased and told Adam and Eve, ‘You have now become one of us and will be sent from the Garden. What do you think that  means…you have now become one of us? And he made them leave the Garden.

The garden was probably a garden in some Convent,  like  many other places of that time. How do you know this?  You know this because when Adam and Eve were sent out of Eden,  there were already many people living in many different communities and towns. In fact that’s where the wife’s were found for Cain and Able. That means that yes, there were people before Adam and Eve.

File:Escribano.jpg     As ancient  historians  translated texts,  it would seem likely they would add and delete details to fit their own beliefs.  Because the writings they were editing were going to Churches, they could not mention Virgins were abused by Priest, care takers or whoever…in the Sacred Garden… Convents, dedicated to Virgins…Today they are called Nuns.

What’s sad is that even today the Virgin Nuns are sometimes temped by their superiors…in their Gardens of Eden. At least according to the Vatican.

Just something else to think about.


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4 responses to “Garden of Eden

  1. chicagoja

    There are actually two separate creation stories in Genesis (Genesis 1 and Genesis 2). These separate stories were written by two different writers at two totally different times. Keep in mind, the purpose of the Bible at that time was the introduction of monotheism to the Israelites (the beginning of Judaism and the Torah in other words). Now Genesis 1 refers to God (in Hebrew – elohim, a plural term). Genesis 2 refers to god as our Lord God (in Hebrew YHWH or Jehovah in other words). The two stories were woven together in an attempt to make Jehovah, the personal god of the Hebrews, into God (big G).

  2. babarahs

    Yes, I know. Before this one I did the 1st creation story, the one in Gen 1, written a long time before or after Gen 2…..Isn’t it FUN to investigate things….i think so.

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