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A War In Heaven

   What do you know about a War Heaven?  How much of it is factual? How did those writers know what Heaven looked like,  what went on there. They didn’t unless they had been there. Were they?

Supposedly Heaven is, ‘the abode of God, the angels, and the spirits of the righteous after death;”  Isn’t that what you have been ‘taught.’

Well if Heaven is suppose to be such a wonderful place, how would you explain aWar in HeavenAnd according to your  3b there was such a war. Again what man from earth was up there watching it happen, so he could come back and write about it? Or was he personally told what happened by someone who was there? Think.

The story goes something like this.

Long ago one of Gods Angles, Lucifer    became angry that he was not chosen. So he rebelled against God and a War broke out in Heaven. A WAR in Gods perfect abode??? How can that be true?    How could a war have occurred in a perfect, place? In a place where there is ONE RULER…GOD?

If God is suppose to be All Knowing, why would he allow Lucifer to remain in Heaven, if the All Knowing God knew what he was up to? OH….wait maybe this god is not the Real God. BUT, only a high powered MAN? That would make more sense.

And just how did Lucifer think he could overpower GOD?

So up in Heaven, that wonderful place where God lives, you have the All Mighty God and His loyal Angels on one side. And on the other side was Lucifer and the Angels that followed him.

And what about having to be perfect to get into heaven? Okay, you are in Heaven, and you can  only be or get there if you are perfect. Right? Okay so what happened? Because if someone is perfect enough, including Angels, to get into Heaven, a place that is all good, then how did the BAD, in this case jealousy, get there? Doesn’t make much sense. One day everything is perfect and then one day a terrible  war starts….in Gods perfect abode?

It is recorded   that there were an estimated 133,306,668 Angels that fell from the Heavens in a total of 9 days of the war.  How in the world would anyone know how many Angels fell? Who counted them?  And if God is All Powerful, why would He have to fight anyone or anything and for as long as 9 days.

And if there was a War in Heaven, there must have been weapons in Gods perfect domain.   A domain where there is only Good and where is there is supposedly only One Power. So why were there weapons in Heaven?   What did the ONE God need weapons for? Maybe he is not all that we are taught.

Why would GOD, the Almighty allow fighting in Heaven in the first place? Why would not God simply destroy Lucifer like he did the men on earth who displeased him? Why, why didn’t God destroy Lucifer as soon as he rebelled? Was God merely a high powered man? If so that would account for a lot of things that only men would do.

If there was a War in Heaven…that means God had to fight to retain His power. Come on…Does that make sense at all? The almighty God has to fight to keep his reign. What kind of a God is He? Oh yeah…what happened to Gods command….’thou shall not kill.’  Gee, its okay for God to kill but not us. The Bible tells you, you are to just like God.

Why would GOD, the almighty allow fighting in heaven in the first place. Why would not God simply destroy Lucifer like he did the men on earth who displeased him? Why, why didn’t God destroy Lucifer as soon as he rebelled? Was the Bible God merely a high powered man? If so, that would account for a lot of things that only men would do.

So…just another weird thing from the Holy Bible.

And would the all powerful God really need an army of Angles to fight for him? If God had to fight, then God must  not have  ALL POWER, like we are told. If God had to fight and kill others, he must not be the GOD who we all told is,  OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENCE, Omnipotent, and All Good.  Could this God that had to fought in a war in his abode … really have been… God?  If not who was up in Heaven fighting?


The God you are told about in your Bible must not be OMNIPRESENT. That God must not be Omniscience and not be Omnipotent…because there was a War….according to your Bible.

Heaven is suppose to be a wonderful Blissful place with ONE God who is, OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENCE, OMNIPOTENT and All Good. But according to the Bible there was ONCE a War in Heaven and that means Heaven is not a Wonderful Blissful place with an All Good God.

Nope, something is whacky about this story. None of it makes sense. To me. How could the ONE GOD not have the ability to stop it…if it started?

In my opinion, the Angels are just men, like all men. They were most likely the ‘warriors’  of that ancient time and the Bible God was just a man…..WAIT…don’t get excited . Do you own  and see what you come up with on how to explain A War In Heaven. Or is your concept of Heaven the ONES…you have been TAUGHT?

My concept of Heaven

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I was born with an Inquiring Mind and I love all things weird. Weird like UFO'S-Mysticism-Ancient Beings-Really ODD stuff found in the Bible. I do not believe in the reality that has been handed down to me. I believe there is only one Reality....Consciousness. I was also born with a great spiritual desire ...which does NOT include any religion or their beliefs.

5 responses to “A War In Heaven

  1. chicagoja

    Ancient Hindu texts, The Puranas, describe a war amongst the gods in the skies, using powerful weapons which resulted in the incineration of whole cities on Earth. Modern archaeology has confirmed that ancient cities in India/ Pakistan were destroyed
    in their totality instantaneously and even today have incredibly high levels of radioactivity. Obviously, the gods were not really gods and Heaven simply meant the skies.

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