Was Jesus A Myth


A ‘myth’ is ‘a story about superhuman beings of an earlier age.’ So, was there a real Jesus? It would seem by many that Jesus may not have been who you were taught to believe he was

To most, the idea that Jesus was simply a ‘myth’ is unthinkable.Well, in the time of Christopher Columbus, it was completely unthinkable that the earth was round. At that time the entire world believed the earth was flat. That handed down belief was there for thousands upon thousands of years and no way would anyone believe it was not true.  Or was it simply a handed a down myth?

It appears quite certain to many that Christ is a mythical character. An invented one. One discovers that this story is a story like many others before it. They believe it is not a factual representation of a Jewish man, 2,000 years ago. Looking at the FACTS, it could appear quite certain that Jesus Christ is a mythical character based on the other numerous gods and heroes of the ancient world and was in fact…invented.

Yes, the stories of Jesus have been around for thousands of years and to this day no one really KNOWS if he was who we are taught to believe he was. All we have are thousands of years of oral and so many translated copies of copies of ancient writings from men who did not know Jesus so they wrote from handed down stories of him…which is not PROOF he was who we think he was.

Remember that most of  the ancient writers had no PROOF, other than their belief.   Belief from the ‘opinions’ of those before them. These ancient writers got their beliefs about Jesus from stories after his death. These stories where the handed down  stories of those before them. Handed down stories like the ‘flat earth.’

Could our Jesus Christ be something invented and was not the person who he said he  was.  The Son of God? Not the real ‘Son of God because he was not the first to be and claim all he did. The fact is and the PROOF is…. that everything that Jesus said or did was already said or done by the Buddha, Krishna and many other gods.

CNN’s Legon feels compelled to write that “...most scholars agree that Jesus existed,” while stating that there is no evidence for such a belief! Hence, these scholars who believe in a “historical Jesus” do so without any reason or evidence whatsoever, except that they have been told he did and have seemingly fearfully followed consensus .” 

Earl Doherty writes, “Christian documents outside the Gospels, even at the end of the first century and beyond, show no evidence that any tradition about an earthly life and ministry of Jesus were in circulation.” No one has ever had any physical evidence to support a historical Jesus; no artifacts, dwelling, works of carpentry, or self-written manuscripts.”

“Anyone wanting to believe Jesus lived and walked as a real live human being must do so despite the evidence, not because of it” C. Dennis McKinsey,  Bible critic (The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy)

  What is the truth about Jesus? Could Jesus have been invented?

Bottom line. Did the Bible Jesus really exist?


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Job by King James VersionLong ago Job told us “We are but of yesterday, and know nothing,” He said we know nothing, “because our days upon the earth are like a shadow.

I didn’t understand what Job meant, so I decided to see if I could understand.  So,  I first needed to know more about ‘shadows,‘ since that is how I am living my days, at least according to old Job. Lets see if he was right.

Using my dictionary 521968089_4ce516a969_m I found different meanings for ‘shadow.’ 

A shadow is an ‘image’ and an ‘image’ is amental representation.’  Not something real.  Looking deeper I found that ‘shadows’ are simply ‘suggestions.’   And a ‘suggestion’ is just that. Just something to consider to  agree or disagree with.

I found out what causes   shadows. A shadow  is something ‘existing in perception only.’ What?   You, Me , everything does not exist… except only in our perception?  Wow.

Looking up  the word ‘perception,‘ I found it meant, ‘ what is perceived.’  

  Perceive is to ‘become conscious of’ ‘ and conscious means, ‘thinking/thoughts. ‘

Does that mean Job believed mans reality was his ‘thinking.’ It must have been. What else could he have meant?

It seems the world as a whole is completely ignorant of what reality is. I say this because all mankind knows about reality, is what is  told to  him by those who’ know nothing, because they are of yesterday,’ and have yet to discover what reality really is.

Today your reality consists of the ‘thoughts’ you are holding as truths in your ‘thinking.’ Truths that you have been told. So called truths that have been handed down from ‘yesterday,’  from the ones that first told you the earth was flat.

These people who have so called credentials are the ones who told you man could not fly in the sky. Now he walk s on the moon.  Since these so called experts were wrong about the earth, flying…well just think of all the things they have been wrong about since the beginning of time and then think, could it be possible they ‘know nothing,’ just like Job said thousands of years agoAnd are they  again wrong with what they tell you of your reality?  Most likely they are because today science is proving that there is more to reality than we now know.

To experience your own reality, not the handed down reality, but YOUR own, you need to know what the word ‘reality‘ means.   Not what you have been told it means by those who think they know… Because they ‘know nothing because they are of yesterdays’ thinking.’

Lets see what the word ‘reality’ means. I found reality is what is ‘real.‘  And ‘real’ is what is ‘constant and unchanging.’ But wait, isn’t reality always changing .  So if your human reality is changing, then  how can  it be real?Well since it is forever ‘changing,’  that should tell you, it is not, REALITY….but  like ancient Job said, only ‘shadows‘ of reality.

When Job said,We are but of yesterday, and know nothing,’ did he know what reality is? If he was using the meanings I used, then YES, Job knew that what man accepted as reality, was not, is not reality. All we know is from ‘yesterdays’ beliefs? Beliefs that will change.

As then, ‘yesterday,’  up to this present, as man changes their ‘thoughts’  based on new facts…Reality will continue to change.

Since what you ‘perceive’  is what youbecome conscious of’  and  since ‘conscious‘ means, ‘thinking/thoughts, your reality is just you viewing  your thinking. Viewing your very own thoughts.  It would seem that Job must have believed mans reality was his ‘thinking.‘ Do you?  I do.

I think Job understood reality was only ‘perceptual?’  Perception is  ‘what is perceived’.   Think, is this what Job was saying….and the translators of his writings….didn’t get it?  I think so.

Would you like to create your own reality?

The video is good for those who are open to new ways to think of their reality. Not good for those who are content with their  programmed reality.

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Who Was Jesus


You have been told Jesus was born in Bethlehem of a virgin, known as Mary, on Dec.25th, but the year is in question. He was raised in Nazareth as the stepson of a carpenter.

We are told ome of the brothers of Jesus were, James, Joses and Judas. It is also believed by some that Judus was Jesus’s  twin brother. Do you know about a twin brother? Jesus also had sisters. It is believed Jesus’s siblings were, in fact, half siblings. You decide.

Around 12 years of age, Jesus disappears. Where was he? There are so many reports that Jesus was in India- Egypt- England-  Persia- Tibet- Japan- Greece- to name a few, but did HE????

As an adult Jesus regularly attended synagogue and was called, Rabbi. When teaching, He taught from the Hebrew Scripture. He went around the country side preaching and healing. We are told Jesus was baptized by John, but now some scholars are not so sure. In fact   they say  no as John may have been in prison. If true, then no one really knows who Baptized Jesus?

Was Jesus the first Messiah?

It was Jesus himself who told everyone he was the shepherd. It was Jesus who made the claims He was the ONE.

It was Jesus himself who told us he was the Son of God

It was Jesus who told his disciples they should deny themselves and follow him. Jesus gave his 12 disciples, authority to do miracles, including curing diseases of all manner. Jesus tells his disciples that if they endured to the end, they would be saved. Were they saved for being faithful followers? You decide.

And what about those who followed Jesus for the last 2000 years, why were they not saved, here on earth. Really, what good was Jesus’s life if the majority of people on earth still sin, suffer, kill and die? It’s too weird.

If Jesus was to come back, was, is it necessary to wait 2000 years?

The Jewish people in the time of Jesus thought of him as an ordinary Jewish man and preacher. It was only  after Jesus died, he became the focal point of a small Jewish religious movement that would evolve into the Christian faith.

Why was Jesus  killed?

But who was Jesus?       Was he really the only Savior  or not?

Was Jesus God?

The most important part of the Jesus story is…why would his Father, God let him so suffer?  What exact purpose was there to it? NONE, in my opinion. Again what was the reason God let Jesus so suffer? Us? Well what a waste it was. Why? Just look at the last 2000 years, has anything changed?  Weird.

Who were these other saviors and what did they have in common with Jesus?

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Before Jesus

jesus photo: Jesus, jesus.jpg


It is the religions who control the Bible that has told us, programmed us into believing all they tell us. Example the Bible tells you about a man called  Jesus, and that Christianity is based on his teaching, but  did you know there is much proof that thousands of years before Jesus, there were many other ancient, Jesus like men? I personally wonder why religions do not explain things like this.

Because there is much proof that thousands of years before Jesus, there were many other ancient, Jesus like men, and it would seem that  Jesus like men were a worldwide recurring event in a variety of cultures.


One story of a Jesus like man is from 3,500 years ago, long before Jesus was ever conceived.  In fact there is solid  evidence of this Jesus like man. And it is based on proof found on the walls of the Temple of Luxor

  Luxor Temple photo: IMG_5064.jpg   

Temple at Luxor,  and not on handed down stories. Seen on these ancient walls  are many images of the Annunciation, Immaculate Conception, Birth and of the Virgin, Isis.

They tell that the ‘Holy Ghost will be impregnating the virgin. It tells of the attendance of three Kings, or Magi, all bringing gifts. It tells that this virgin birth babe will be the one to bring salvation to the world and is born on December 25th.

Horus had 12 men that followed him.  At age of 30, he was baptized. We are told Horus raised a dead man, just like Jesus. Horus also walked on water. Last Horus was raised from the dead, just like Jesus. Did you know that about Horus?

Or did you know about Attis

   Also long before Jesus there was  Mithra, who also was born on December 25th, by a virgin mother. He like Jesus and Horus has 12 followers. How about this, he was also called the Good Shepherd, the “Way, the Truth and the Light,” the Redeemer,the Savior, the Messiah, just like Jesus.  He was resurrected after 3 days.  Very interesting, don’t you think?

Here are two well known Jesus like men.

Krishna photo: krishna krishna_0.jpg    Krishna

and Buddha

Both of them have the same Jesus like handed down stories.  And their teachings are almost the same as that of Jesus. Both were born on December 25th. Both had virgin mothers. Both were redeemer. Both had disciples. Both did miracles. Both were persecuted, killed and reborn. But….Krishna is believed to have been here around the  4th century BC. and Buddha about 2500 years ago.  Jesus had not yet been born. These are only a few of the Jesus like men that had similar life’s. Did you know that?

As for  all the ancient Jesus like men having  the December 25th birthday,  it seems to have come from the Sun God,  a common story worldwide, dating back at least 12,000 years, and is recorded in caves and ancient writings round the world, and found in the myths of other gods in world wide cultures.


So it seems there were many other Jesus like men who came long before Jesus, and all had the similar lives.  Many scholars are now believing that the story of Jesus was merely a copy of the gods before him. I guess in those days it was not yet know that there were other god like men thousands of years before Jesus,  all supposed  to being  born born of a virgin. On December 25th.

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What Is The Dominion God Gave Us

347271850_c95dab07c8_s   Genesis 1::26 “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.

when you read your Bible. But what might you find if you did investigate\

For me, when I don’tunderstand something, then it’s a good time to  graphics-detective-504217 investigate words and choose the meanings that make sense to me.

The word ‘dominion,’ what does it really mean. If I have dominion, I need to understand what it is I have. Don’t  I?

And because there are many    meanings for a single word, I need to know them so I can decide which makes sense to me …so I can have my dominion. 

  Here are some meanings. Dominion  means, area of control, rule,  authority,  realm,  and domain.’   So how do those meanings have anything to do with my dominion? Well lets look at each word closely and see. To have my dominion, I need to know where the ‘area of control,‘ is. If  ‘control’ means a place, ‘to eliminate of prevent the spreading of’ something, where is that place I am able to ‘eliminate or prevent’ things ? It must be my mind. My mind because that is where I do have full ‘control’ to ‘eliminate‘ any thought I want….to keep it from spreading.

Rule is, ‘able to  control,’  If dominion means we are ‘able to control,’ what is it that we are able to ‘control? The one thing we are able to ‘control’… if we choose, is our own thinking.

Next meaning for the word, is ‘authority.’  We find it means, ‘ability to control.’ It  means ‘able to direct thoughts.’  So,  not only are we ’able to control’  our thoughts, we are also have the ’ability, to control and direct’ …our thoughts.  So because we have ‘dominion,’ we do  have the ability to control  and direct our own thoughts anyway we want. Why don’t we?

The word ‘ability’ is, ‘mentally able.’ Mentally able.  I guess that means that our dominion is ours because we are ‘mentally able to control and direct’ our own thoughts. And if we are ‘mentally able to control and direct’ our thoughts to ONLY good, happy, healthful, happy, peaceful, loving, abundant thoughts, our lives would be spent in Heaven. Heaven because that is were only good goes on. Isn’t it?

And last, but not least, the word, ‘sphere.’ Sphere means a ‘realm’ and a realm is a ‘kingdom.’ A kingdom is an ‘area of  mental

activity, or  the kingdom of the mind.’ genesis_l

Is  God’s Kingdom of  Heaven,where we have our dominion? Is Gods Kingdom,  the ‘area of mental activity?  Within us?  Is the Kingdom of God…..Consciousness?  Jesus told us the Kingdom of Heaven was within us.  Well, isn’t Consciousness within us? Isn’t  that where we do have dominion.  Isn’t it in our own mind, that we alone have the ‘ability to direct and control what’s to be thought, then experienced?

What other place is it, that we have complete control, complete ‘dominion?

What do you think  the ‘dominion’ God gave you…is?  And why are you not  using it?

Just something to  think about.

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The Image and Likeness of God?

This morning I was            . What did it really mean, I was made in  the ‘image and likeness of God. I’m sure I don’t look like Him. So could there be a meaning that would make more sense….to me?

I do not necessarily believe all that the world teaches us. And that is why I do my own   into meanings for words. Then I choose the meanings that make sense to me. So here goes.

If  I am an ‘image,’ what does that mean to me? According to the   the dictionary the  word ‘image’ means.
‘artificial representation that looks like a person. ’ 

Well, that’s interesting.

Artificial means, ‘deception‘ and deception is an,  ‘optical illusion.’ Are we only ‘optical illusions?   Are we as a ‘person’,  nothing more than an ‘optical illusion?

Artificial is a ‘copy,’ What are we acopy’ of?  A ‘copy’  means  the ‘image in our mind.

Is that what we really are, copies of the ‘images in our mind?

And if we are ‘representations,’  what are we a representation of?  A representation is, ‘anything that is represented, such as an IMAGE, brought clearly to mind.’

Image is an, ‘idea‘ and an idea is a ‘conception existing in the mind.’ And a ‘conception’ means the ‘origin or beginning.’

‘In the beginning God made us in his Image and his Likeness and if so, then  we ’ began and are  existing as  images in Gods mind.

Image is, ‘mental‘ and ‘mental‘ means, ‘occurring only in the mind.’  Are we  an ‘image occurring only in  our minds?’
Could you or I,  as an ‘image’ be nothing more than a copy of our thoughts… brought clearly to our mind?

Image is a, ’mental representation.’  Mental, ‘ existing in the mind only.‘ Is that where we exist? In our minds?

Image is an ‘idea.’ An ‘idea’ is a ‘thought.’  Is that what we  really are? A ‘thought?

Lets look at the word likeness now  Likeness means a ‘semblance’  and a ‘semblance’ is an, ‘unreal appearance.’  It is also a,outward appearance, without any inner substance or reality.’  Likeness  is also an ‘assumed appearance.’

Appearance means,coming into view.’   And a‘ appearance’ means an, ‘outward show.’ The ‘outward show’ of what?


 As Gods image,  we as the appearance are  just an ‘artificial representation that only looks like a person? But in reality we are Gods Thoughts. We are Gods thoughts coming into view. We can only exist as part of Gods thinking.

Maybe that’s what Jesus meant when he said, ‘I and my Father/God are one.’  That would make sense if we are Gods thoughts. And we only THINK we are something real and seperated….and that’s why the Bible tells you,


And when Jesus said, ‘All that the Father/ God has, you have,’ If we do exist as Gods thoughts, then yes, we would have all that is in Gods thinking.

Very weird, I know. I’m going to have to give this a lot more thought.

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Garden of Eden



In Gen.1 the  First Creation, there is no mention of someone named Adam or Eve or a Serpent. There is no talk of a  Garden called Eden. There is nothing known as a Tree of Knowledge with Forbidden Fruit.

With that said, we will go  to the Second Creation and see what we find.

So where did the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden come from?

Time to Detective job graphics  investigate.

We find that stories of a Garden of Eden started about 6000 – 7000 B.C.

As you read on, try to imagine that the Garden of Eden was a place for Virgins. And imagine there were men Priest, Guards, or such, to keep an eye on the Virgins. I know, but think of that as you read.

Understanding some  meanings for the word Garden might help.  Garden is, to deceive, to delude. Those word mean, make-believe.  Okay. That would mean the Garden of Eden is not something that was real. It was something make-believe. Interesting, especially when you find the Garden of Eden in the Second Creation. Not the FIRST, the Original Creation.

     The story of the Second Creation tells of a Garden.   There are things in this make believe Garden that deceives you and deludes you.  

Lets look at some different meanings for what makes up this Garden of Eden. In the confines of the Garden of Eden you have a Man, a Women, a Serpent a Tree of Knowledge and a God. There is no mention of LuciferSatan or  a Devil.

Who or what was that serpent in the Garden of Eden? Since the word serpent means a  malicious person,  that could mean that the serpent, the malicious person could have been, Lucifer, Satan or the Devil.   But probably not. If it was Lucifer, Satan or the Devil,   then his name would have been mentioned. Nowhere does it say that serpent was one of Lucifer’s names….except in the Garden of Eden.  And how weird for Lucifer to have so many names. So, since none of the names are mentioned, one could assume it was some othermalicious personYou know, a Priest or one of the Guards or something like that, to watch over Eden’s Virgins.

It is said the God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. What did he mean by the Tree of Knowledge”  What do those three words mean. Eat, Tree and Knowledge?

Lets look up their meanings. First is eat, and you will never guess what I found in MY investigating. Did you know eat  can mean,  to take pleasure in? Did you know the origin of ate, is  reckless impulse?

Did you know the word tree means ‘wood’ which means, ‘ wild excitement?  Yes, really. The word knowledge is,  feelings and  experiences known by a person.


Well if in fact the Garden of Eden was a home for  Virgins…none of the reckless impulses that cause one to take pleasure in them, nor the wild excitement  causing feelings and  experiences known by a person, would have been things for  Virgins to be around.Eve in this case.  No, none of it would be good for a Virgin.

It would make sense that the serpent,malicious person…a Priest, or Satan  was what temped Eve.   It makes more sense that a malicious person was what tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Not some talking snake.

Could the malicious person  have wanted her to eat, so she would have reckless impulses?  Could this malicious person  want to take pleasure in Eve.   Did he want Eve to be wild with excitement so she could have sexual experiences only known by a person?

The Bible tells how Eve listened to the serpent, Priest or Satan, who was likely a handsome malicious person,  and he  was tempting Eve to eat, …to take pleasure in the fruit he was offering her. Fruit is also defined as,  enjoyment.  He was offering her some enjoyment.

Well she did eat and  she became full of reckless impulses  and became wild with excitement.  The malicious person  most likely wanted Eve to experience the feelings that are known by a person during sexual intercourse. It is believed that Eve’s first son Cain was fathered by the  malicious person in the Garden and not Adam.

After Eve had sex with the malicious person, the Priest in the Garden, she now wanted Adam to have the experience,  so she gave the ‘fruit’,  the enjoyment and he ate…took pleasure in it.   Adam became sexual with Eve.

The Bible  tells you that whoever that God was,  he was not pleased and told Adam and Eve, ‘You have now become one of us and will be sent from the Garden. What do you think that  means…you have now become one of us? And he made them leave the Garden.

The garden was probably a garden in some Convent,  like  many other places of that time. How do you know this?  You know this because when Adam and Eve were sent out of Eden,  there were already many people living in many different communities and towns. In fact that’s where the wife’s were found for Cain and Able. That means that yes, there were people before Adam and Eve.

File:Escribano.jpg     As ancient  historians  translated texts,  it would seem likely they would add and delete details to fit their own beliefs.  Because the writings they were editing were going to Churches, they could not mention Virgins were abused by Priest, care takers or whoever…in the Sacred Garden… Convents, dedicated to Virgins…Today they are called Nuns.

What’s sad is that even today the Virgin Nuns are sometimes temped by their superiors…in their Gardens of Eden. At least according to the Vatican.

Just something else to think about.

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What is Religion?

Did you ever wonder why are there so Religions? Or why there are so many Gods?  There is a Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Mormon, Buddha, Muslim, even a New Age God,  just to name a few. So with so many Religious concepts of God, how are you to know which is the real God?

Did you ever wonder why are there so many Gods?  And are you sure the Religion and God you have chosen to worship, is the TRUE provable one? Because if you can not PROVE anything….what do you really have? Just a belief. Just a faith. What good is a belief and a faith  in time of need? That’s right…no good at all.

Just  how are you to know which one is the Real God?

Besides your religion telling you there is a God, and telling  what and how you should worship this God, just what proof do you have, that there even is a God?

If God were something real, wouldn’t It let you know first hand?  Wouldn’t God want you to know him? Personally?

Doesn’t the fact that there are so many conflicting Religious beliefs of, on or about God, tell you that God is a complete mystery to the world? No matter if you go to the Religious structures, Holy Mountains, Holy Caves, Holy Men, Holy Books or Holy Tapes…YOU still have not personally known nor found a real God. WHY?


All Religion is based on beliefs. Beliefs are, ‘opinions.’ And ‘opinions’ are ‘beliefs without proof.’ And beliefs can change

Religion started out with the Sun, then followed with Mythology.     Mythology  is, ‘an imaginary or fictitious thing or person’. ‘Not fact or logic.’

There just is no proof as to whether a God or gods existed then or now. None. Religions are based on faith and faith is only a, belief’. People need to believe that there is ‘something’ more, so they invented God, Gods, Goddess, Deities and Religions.

You need to know FACTS, not OPINIONS in order to find and connect personally with a Real God, instead  of passed down beliefs of a God, based on someone else’s understanding, NOT yours.

According to Websters, religion means a,  ‘set of beliefs concerning the cause of all things.’

So Religion is a belief.  And, just because a belief is agreed and accepted as factual, does not make it so.

And just what is a belief based on?  What FACTS?  In the case of religion, the only facts they have, are passed down beliefs.
So, your religion is you agreeing and accepting the beliefs of others. Your Religion is you agreeing with someone else’s opinion of the the reality of God based on THEIR understanding. Not yours.Theirs.

Religion is a ‘belief in, worship of, or obedience to a supernatural power or powers considered to be divine or to have control of human destiny.’ Again, a  BELIEF. Not a FACT.

From the beginning of Religion, each of these Religious groups choose the God they believe is the real God,  then do their best to convince all others that their God is the Real and only God. For some reason most of these Religious groups think its their duty to force the world into their beliefs.  Odd that any God of any Religion would want His followers to be so hateful of others.

Religion started with terrible conflicts and all these thousands of years later….NOTHING HAS CHANGED.


 The fact is….NO Religion knows GOD. They know what they THINK they know. They know what they have been TAUGHT to know of God. By other men. Not by God personally.

Unless God is personal, to you, You do not have  Real God. AND….unless God speaks directly to YOU, you have no God. You have a belief. A  belief you call God. All based on what other have told you.

Personally I think the entire world would be so much better off  if  there was NO RELIGION and each person worshiped privately, the God of their understanding. Not the God they have been TAUGHT to believe in.

Think of this…Religion means, ‘conscientiousness,’  which means,’ just, upright, honest, faithful, devoted, dedicated.’ 

Religion is…You being, just, upright, honest, faithful, devoted, dedicated to God. Religion is a personal thing and does not need to be organized.

Maybe it’s time for you to do your own  to find a Real God. Not a belief of a GOD base on the OPINIONS of those before you.


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A War In Heaven

   What do you know about a War Heaven?  How much of it is factual? How did those writers know what Heaven looked like,  what went on there. They didn’t unless they had been there. Were they?

Supposedly Heaven is, ‘the abode of God, the angels, and the spirits of the righteous after death;”  Isn’t that what you have been ‘taught.’

Well if Heaven is suppose to be such a wonderful place, how would you explain aWar in HeavenAnd according to your  3b there was such a war. Again what man from earth was up there watching it happen, so he could come back and write about it? Or was he personally told what happened by someone who was there? Think.

The story goes something like this.

Long ago one of Gods Angles, Lucifer    became angry that he was not chosen. So he rebelled against God and a War broke out in Heaven. A WAR in Gods perfect abode??? How can that be true?    How could a war have occurred in a perfect, place? In a place where there is ONE RULER…GOD?

If God is suppose to be All Knowing, why would he allow Lucifer to remain in Heaven, if the All Knowing God knew what he was up to? OH….wait maybe this god is not the Real God. BUT, only a high powered MAN? That would make more sense.

And just how did Lucifer think he could overpower GOD?

So up in Heaven, that wonderful place where God lives, you have the All Mighty God and His loyal Angels on one side. And on the other side was Lucifer and the Angels that followed him.

And what about having to be perfect to get into heaven? Okay, you are in Heaven, and you can  only be or get there if you are perfect. Right? Okay so what happened? Because if someone is perfect enough, including Angels, to get into Heaven, a place that is all good, then how did the BAD, in this case jealousy, get there? Doesn’t make much sense. One day everything is perfect and then one day a terrible  war starts….in Gods perfect abode?

It is recorded   that there were an estimated 133,306,668 Angels that fell from the Heavens in a total of 9 days of the war.  How in the world would anyone know how many Angels fell? Who counted them?  And if God is All Powerful, why would He have to fight anyone or anything and for as long as 9 days.

And if there was a War in Heaven, there must have been weapons in Gods perfect domain.   A domain where there is only Good and where is there is supposedly only One Power. So why were there weapons in Heaven?   What did the ONE God need weapons for? Maybe he is not all that we are taught.

Why would GOD, the Almighty allow fighting in Heaven in the first place? Why would not God simply destroy Lucifer like he did the men on earth who displeased him? Why, why didn’t God destroy Lucifer as soon as he rebelled? Was God merely a high powered man? If so that would account for a lot of things that only men would do.

If there was a War in Heaven…that means God had to fight to retain His power. Come on…Does that make sense at all? The almighty God has to fight to keep his reign. What kind of a God is He? Oh yeah…what happened to Gods command….’thou shall not kill.’  Gee, its okay for God to kill but not us. The Bible tells you, you are to just like God.

Why would GOD, the almighty allow fighting in heaven in the first place. Why would not God simply destroy Lucifer like he did the men on earth who displeased him? Why, why didn’t God destroy Lucifer as soon as he rebelled? Was the Bible God merely a high powered man? If so, that would account for a lot of things that only men would do.

So…just another weird thing from the Holy Bible.

And would the all powerful God really need an army of Angles to fight for him? If God had to fight, then God must  not have  ALL POWER, like we are told. If God had to fight and kill others, he must not be the GOD who we all told is,  OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENCE, Omnipotent, and All Good.  Could this God that had to fought in a war in his abode … really have been… God?  If not who was up in Heaven fighting?

The God you are told about in your Bible must not be OMNIPRESENT. That God must not be Omniscience and not be Omnipotent…because there was a War….according to your Bible.

Heaven is suppose to be a wonderful Blissful place with ONE God who is, OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENCE, OMNIPOTENT and All Good. But according to the Bible there was ONCE a War in Heaven and that means Heaven is not a Wonderful Blissful place with an All Good God.

Nope, something is whacky about this story. None of it makes sense. To me. How could the ONE GOD not have the ability to stop it…if it started?

In my opinion, the Angels are just men, like all men. They were most likely the ‘warriors’  of that ancient time and the Bible God was just a man…..WAIT…don’t get excited . Do you own and see what you come up with on how to explain A War In Heaven. Or is your concept of Heaven the ONES…you have been TAUGHT?

My Concept Of Heaven



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