Gods First Creation of Man and Woman


It was during the 40 years in the Wilderness  that Moses wrote about the FIRST Creation. The question is, if he wasn’t present for any of the beginning events that he writes about, where did he get his information?

He was first taught the beliefs and religion that had been handed down to him.   So you can assume that when Moses was writing about Creation, he would be somewhat  influenced by his families beliefs. It is reasonable to believe they told Moses the stories  they had been taught by their father,  and like most, found it easier to believe what they were told about things than to take time to find out if it is true or not.

So if you  believe everything was created by one God…is that true? Why ask? And if you really believe the Bible, you would also believe all humans are from Adam and Eve. But is that true? Well it is NOT  true if you believe your Bible when it plainly states  that before Adam and Eve, there was another creation.

The FIRST and Original Creation with a Male and a Female.

That means Adam and Eve…were NOT the First Male and Female.

 And where does it say that?

Genesis-1-27   This man and woman were the first humans.  That is if you forget about the people who Adam and Eve met when they were kicked out of the garde. (think about that)

At the end of the 1st chapter,  Gen. 1:31,  you are told, “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. ” Not just GOOD, but VERY GOOD.  That everything includes the  FIRST Male and Female.  Since God was so VERY PLEASED with all that was createdHe was finished FINISHED creating.

Well, we do not know the names of the FIRST Man and the FIRST Woman, but they were the FIRST humans created by God. If  you believe your Bible .

With that said,  who were Adam and Eve?

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You have been taught that there is a God. But how do you know if there really is a God?  What poof do have that God does exist?

Like most you probably simply assume there is a God in a place called Heaven.   Because that is what you were programed to believe. By the ancients.

But since it is never good to assume, because assume means to ‘take for granted  without proof.‘ Don’t you want PROOF that there is a God? I  did and do.

So instead of assuming, you could  for yourselves and see what YOU find, then make up your mind about God. Based on what YOU find, not on what you have been told.

Did you know  that new discovered historical evidence shows that originally the earth was ruled by many ‘gods’. In fact a Hebrew name for god is ‘elohim.’  Elohim originally meant ‘gods’. ‘Elohim’ is a plural word, which is strange since you are taught….God is ONE. You are told that one Hebrew God rules the universe even though the Hebrew word Elohim can mean ’god or gods,’  in both modern and ancient Hebrew language.


Gen. 1:1 reads, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” So if  instead, it read,  “In the beginning, GODS created the heaven and the earth…”then Gen.1:26  would make a lot more sense, for it reads,   ‘And God said, let US create man in OUR image and OUR likeness.’

Who are the US? Who are OUR

Next we find Elohim is considered a ‘deity’. The word ‘deity’ comes from a root in Sanskrit and means, ‘sky.’ The original Hebrew for Elohim, meant

“Those Who Came Down From The Sky. 

Read that again and then really think about that.

Deities are frequently expressed as having human form. They are assumed to have personalities, desires, and emotions like man.In fact there are numerous places in the Bible that tell how  God  had to eat and to sleep. And how God became angry. The Bible even tells you that the God also had wars… Up in the sky.  The place they come from.

It seem likely  that the God of the Bible was just like man.

There are many, stories of a God  from the ‘sky.’ The Bible tells you that he shot down Brimstone’s  th_drainhole_pistons_ on the people and destroyed entire cities with  fire. All while he was up in the heavens. Today brimstone’s could be called, bombs. Maybe?

The God of Israel even admitted that he was ‘supreme among other gods.‘     Was this God of Israel like any world leader  who believes he and his country are supreme among all ‘other gods’… (leaders)

God told the people against all the ‘gods’ of Egypt he will execute judgment.’ If God tells you that there are many different ‘gods’….There must be. But what gods were the people talking about in Exodus 15:11?

It reads…’Who is like unto thee, O LORD, among the gods?  Or in Deuteronomy 6:14“Ye shall not go after other gods, of the gods of the people which are round about you.” Exodus 20:3 (Deuteronomy 5:7, Judges 6:10, Hosea 13:4)“Thou shalt not go after other gods to serve them.”  What ‘gods’?

It seems that not much has changed for men over the last few thousand years. There are still GODS/LEADERS who tell you they are the ones to obey and fear. The God of the Bible  seems to be like any other leader, who thinks they are god.

No, I do not believe the Bible God is a real God.

But I do believe there is a SOMETHING, just not the handed down God.

If you want to know, WHO, WHAT and WHERE  the Creator is….  You can. How?

You go where all the Enlightened ones of all time tell you,  and that is WITHIN YOU. 

Well why not just go directly within and do as you have been told, and that is, LISTEN.   A  Easy.

Within YOU is exactly where Jesus too  told all people to look, to find and to hear God. Not in a book. Not in a church. Not on a holy mountain. Not from any religion. No, God can only be found WITHIN YOU.  And no where else.

That means to Find-to KNOW- to actually HEAR God, you will have to go within and be very still and really listen.

BECAUSE  GOD IS TALKING.   And if you are REALLY listening, you will HEAR the Still Small Voice of YOUR INNER SOMETHING and IT will tell you all about Itself.

And then you can keep your own record of what YOUR OWN INNER SOMETHING tells YOU.   But YOU must be LISTENING.

And  you will never have to ask again…Because you will  know… there is a SOMETHING   WITHIN YOU.  Then You will have personal PROOF.

There really is a God…Just not the man make up god.

For me, the name of my God, that SOMETHING that is within me that I call


That Me of Me

  No, the God of the Bible  certainly cannot be the God man is suppose to worship…because the God found in the Bible is a God who breaks many of his own commandments.  One example is, THOU SHALL NOT KILL.

The God of the Bible kills everyone who displeases him.

Come see What Do You Think

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The Bible And UFO’S


Since there are so many passages of  FLYING CRAFTS,  I needed more information in order to make my opinion. So it was

time to   investigate.

The Bible tells of ‘ flying crafts, ‘  which were called  the Chariots of God. It is the Bible that tells you that GOD  flies around in  these whirling chariots of fire.The Bible is the one that tells you God is directly associated with these ‘flying objects.’  These UFO’S.  Bible tells you God uses them to travel in.  According to the Bible anyway.

So, what were the chariots of fire that sound so much like modern UFO’S?    What  exactly were they? They had to be something to get so much attention in the Bible.

Why do not the Churches try to explain them? They try to explain all the other things about the Bible passages, just not the ‘flying objects.’ Weird, I think

Doing  more  dedective29  investigating  I now really wondered why the Churches of the world never taught nor even spoke of the UFO’S,  since there are 362 verses describing objects as vehicles in the Bible. In the New Testament you read 38 times of things that fly around in heavens.

There are 37 verses describing other objects as vehicles. There are 10 verses describing flying dwellings as vehicles in God resides. According to the Bible.  Actually the Bible refers to them as Gods ‘dwelling place.‘  Did you know the word ‘chariot’  translated,  means  ‘vehicle.’ A ‘chariot’ was Gods dwelling place.

So why didn’t any of the writers of that time make a big deal of them.  But the biggest  question is, why don’t  the Churches  talk about the UFO’S  in the Bible.  Why? Were those strange flying objects in the heavens just taken for granted. Do you wonder why? I do, but then I kind of think the Churches, especially the Catholic Church knows the real facts and is getting ready to tell the world what they have always know of UFO’S.

The Bible tells you that men went up to Heaven to see God and then  come down from heaven. Where did the men stay in heaven? In the ‘vehicles?’

The Bible tells you that  Elijah was taken into the sky by a  ‘flying vehicle.’ Was that a lie?  Why do the religious rulers not talk of things like this?

The Bible tell you Zechariah looks up and sees ‘four  flying vehicles  coming from heaven.’  David spoke of a cherub, ‘that did fly.’

What were the Chariots the ‘vehicles‘ that flew in the sky?

“What kind of machine’ was Ezekiel talking about when he tells of a descending chariot and from the midst of it came the likeness of ‘four living creatures and they had the form of men? Do not the churches know or do they NOT want man to understand that there are and were OTHERS with far more power than man and the church?

Also the Bible tells you of a WAR in  Heaven.   So who were the ones fighting each other and what were they ‘in’ as they fought? Why were they fighting? The Bible tells you that brimstone’s , or  maybe ‘bombs’ were shot down to earth when people didn’t obey whoever was in the sky.   Who was it shooting down the brimstone’s, or bombs? What were they shot out of? Why don’t the Bible scholars address these things?

No matter how much one wants to refuse to believe that UFO’S were around in the Bible times …they were…at least according to  the men who wrote the Bible.   The book that man is to believe in. The book who tells the truths. Then why does man refuse to think UFO’S were here? The Bible tells you they were here.

Did you not ever wonder about these  flying vehicles and  what  the Churches think about  the ‘flying vehicle?’

I  can’t stress enough how surprised and informed you’d be,  if you were to do you OWN     investigating into things. Really.

Because according to the BIBLE,  that ancient book the world believes tells you the truth…tells you…there were  real flying vehicles...UFO’S…around 2-3000 years ag0. If not what were the ancients seeing flying in the sky? And how could they write about something so foreign to that time in history.

 Ufo’s Were Mentioned In The Bible





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